Building Characters that Sizzle, Part Two: Dominant Impressions

Welcome to Part Two of the wrap-up of Deb Dixon’s talk on Characterization.  If this is your first visit, you can find Part One here. The Dominant Impression provides a snap shot of your character.  According to Ms. Dixon, a character’s dominant impression is described through a marriage between an adjective and a descriptive noun; […]

Building Characters that Sizzle

My local RWA chapter, River City Romance Writers hosted a workshop this past weekend that featured Debra Dixon, as the guest speaker.  Ms. Dixon is the author of  Goal, Motivation and Conflict, as well as a host of fiction novels.  She is also publisher of Bellebooks and BellBridge Books.  Ms. Dixon was kind enough to […]

Summer Lovin’, Summer Readin’

I am putting together my summer reading list and am having a hard time keeping the list at a reasonable number.  There are some awesome recent releases that I am dying to get my hands on.  I’ve also decided to renew one or two classics; you know, the ones that never get old no matter […]