Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Publisher’s Summary

Zarek’s point of view:

“Dark-Hunter: a soulless guardian who stands between mankind and those who would see mankind destroyed. Yeah, right. The only part of that Code of Honor I got was eternity and solitude.

“Insanity: A condition many say I suffer from after being alone for so long. But I don’t suffer from my insanity – I enjoy every minute of it.

“Trust: I can’t trust anyone…not even myself. The only thing I trust in is my ability to do the wrong thing in any situation and to hurt anyone who gets in my way.

“Truth: I endured a lifetime as a Roman slave, and 900 years as an exiled Dark-Hunter. Now I’m tired of enduring. I want the truth about what happened the night I was exiled – I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“Astrid (Greek, meaning star): An exceptional woman who can see straight to the truth. Brave and strong, she is a point of light in the darkness. She touches me and I tremble. She smiles and my cold heart shatters.

“Zarek: They say even the most damned man can be forgiven. I never believed that until the night Astrid opened her door to me and made this feral beast want to be human again. Made me want to love and be loved. But how can an ex-slave whose soul is owned by a Greek goddess ever dream of touching, let alone holding, a fiery star?”

©2003 Sherrilyn Kenyon

I absolutely loved this book!  In fact, as soon as I get through my summer reading list, I am going to find Book One  and work my way through the entire series.

It’s been awhile since I have read such an emotionally charged book.  The story takes you through the whole spectrum of emotions.  At times, I found tears in my eyes, and my heart was so heavy, you would think I was reading about someone close to me.  At other times, I was practically on the floor laughing.  The other times,  the story became so sensual, that I had to look around the room  to see if anyone else could see just how turned on I was.  Yes, I know, too much information.  But it was just that good.

Zarek is not your typical hero, in fact, pretty much every one in the story thinks the whole world would be better off, including Zarek, if he were put down like a dog.  And initially, the reader or at least THIS reader wondered if it were indeed too late for him.  But, the writer weaves this story in a way that you not only see Zarek through the eyes of others, but she also provides an intimate look inside Zarek’s head.  And what you saw there was both heartbreaking and awe-inspiring.

After I finished, threw away the used snot rags and washed my face, I reviewed the story and tried to figure out how this emotional roller coaster ride had been accomplished.  Ms Kenyon broke quite a few rules that every new writer is warned to hold sacred.

She head hops from character to character within the same scene.  However, it was done so seamlessly that I hardly realized it was happening until it was over.  The POV shifted between Zarek’s thoughts and reactions, and then Astrid’s and how she felt about what was just said, and back and forth.

This should have been a big confusing mess, but because of the skill in the execution, I believe, it increased the emotional impact of the story.  The reader knows instantly how the characters relate to and feel about each other; the reader is also able to see the emotional attachment as it begins, understand why the characters are drawn to each other because the reader is ‘IN’ their heads and are then able to root for the outcome.  I was impressed by the insight and sensitivity of the impact of a lifetime of abuse can shape a person’s worldview and actions.

This book receives my enthusiastic two thumbs up.  I can’t wait to start the series from the beginning with Night Pleasures: Dark Hunter, Book 1.

Kyrian of Thrace – an immortal who protects humans from vampires – wakes up one morning handcuffed to the one thing that can scare him: a conservative woman in a button-down shirt. But Amanda Devereaux turns out to be his perfect partner for hunting down a deadly foe, and for helping him to regain his soul – and learn that love doesn’t have to bite.

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