Writers Write. . .

It seems like it’s been ages since I last posted.  But I made a choice several  weeks ago that I could either continue to dream about writing the end of my manuscript or . . . I could write it.  So, I’ve  had to streamline a few things in my life so as to minimize distractions.  It hasn’t been easy but well worth it.  This has been a very productive couple weeks.

So, here are the highlights:

*  I submitted the requested first 50 pages of my manuscript KAOS to the editors and agent I pitched to at Killer Nashville.  That was an awesome feeling.  They haven’t agreed to purchase it or sent any feedback one way or another, but sending the query and partial made me feel I was taking my first professional step into the world of publishing.

*I’ve entered KAOS into several contests this season including the Golden Pen.  Know Me was entered into Memphis Magazine’s short story contest.  Keep your fingers crossed.

*  I completed re-writes on my short story, Know Me.  The editors for the anthology liked the changes and hopefully you’ll soon see the story, along with works from other local writers in the published anthology Malice in Memphis.

The Misadventures of Mama Lou:  The Lady is a Tramp is also finally completed.  Mama Lou aka Mrs. Louisa Metcalf, is an 80-something year old retired school teacher who can’t seem to stay out of other people’s business or out of trouble.  The result is typically murder.  The Lady is a Tramp is a short story but I’m hoping to turn it into a novel series.

*  Kiss of Death, the mystery/suspense chapter of RWA sponsored Book-in-a-week (BIAW)  Sept 13-19.  It’s modeled after NaNoWriMo where one sets daily writing goals and then report them to the team.  This is my second time participating.  I get so much out of the experience each time.  It’s something about being held accountable that forces you (me) to remember what’s really important.  There are no excuses during BIAW.  I had to figure out how to balance a full-time job, full-time motherhood, full-time friend/confidante AND meet my daily writing goals.  Whew, by Sunday, I was wore out.  However, I’d added over 15,000 words to my current work in progress!

Whew! (again)

Well, back to work.

Happy Writing

2 thoughts on “Writers Write. . .

  1. Wow! What a 2 weeks you’ve had. You did all that while being a “full time everyone?”

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Would you believe I can’t get into my own blog! Just yesterday I changed the password at their urging–didn’t work this morning. Grrr!

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