Day 1-NaNoWriMo

. . . and we’re off!

Boy, how exciting is this to know that across the country, the world even, millions upon millions of little fingers are tip-tapping their way across hundreds of thousands of computers and laptops.  That hundreds of writers and would be authors have dedicated this time to produce a novel?

This is my third foray into NaNoWriMo and I must admit that I’ve been looking forward to this time for months!  I try to write “something” at least daily but there is something about being accountable.  If you look over to your right, you will see my daily word count.  I expect if that number falls below 1,667 words on any given day, that one of y’all will be calling or emailing or leaving me a comment to get my butt in order. 🙂

So, that’s my daily word goal.  I’m hoping that I will have a completed draft of KAOS by midnight Nov 30, if not before.

Is anyone else participating?

C'mon! I know you got something to say . . .

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