NaNoWriMo Day 14

I don’t remember the second week being this hard last year, but this past week to meet my goals was like pulling teeth!  Part of it involved lots of personal and work-related things to distract me.  But a significant factor involved the simple fact that my cast of characters were not talking to me.

Usually, I hear them chattering away in my head all day.  I’m constantly reaching for a sticky note or the back of an envelope to jot down their latest pearl of wisdom.  But this past week?  Did they take a holiday and decide not to invite me?

I don’t know.  But they were back this weekend, competing to space and time at the keyboard.  Just in the past couple days, I’ve added over 7,000 words to my manuscript.  This brings to total so far to 24, 774.

The wise-heads at NaNoWriMo sent out several encouraging letters this week describing the pitfalls of Week 2.  Universally, we were encouraged to press through.  So, I know I wasn’t alone.

I seem to have gotten my second wind and am looking forward to the next week.  Ideally, I’ll continue to exceed the daily word count goal, just so that I can slack off a bit and eat my turkey dinner at Mom’s.

Good luck and happy writing!

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