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What’s your pleasure?

Horizontal tango.  
Roll in the hay.  
Gild the lily.  
Hanky panky.  
Hippity dippity.  
Knock boots.  
Mattress mambo.  
Whatever you call it, we’ll judge it.
Enter the Greater Detroit RWA’s 2011 Between the Sheets contest to see if your 
10-page love scene explodes like a rocket or leaves the judges unsatisfied.
Rules, forms and final round judges are at  Entry 
fee is $25.  Deadline is February 14, 2011. 

2 comments on “What’s your pleasure?

  1. Robin Hillyer Miles
    January 19, 2011

    BWah ha ha –
    Someone from the Memphis Chamber asked what fav books about Memphis are on twitter. I directed her to your site and you have sex, sex, sex as your first topic … hope she has on her big girl panties today! I told her to read your serial about Andre.

    are you attending meeting on Saturday or are you just doing the murder ladies group?

  2. angelynscrimesofpassion
    January 19, 2011

    Thanks for the referral Robin! I sent you an email off line.

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