NaNoWrimo Day 21 Update

My total word count so far … 32,242!

I am really proud of this number, mostly because it has been a struggle to reach. Each night, I stare at my computer screen and think of at least ten other things that command my attention, e.g., my son, the new puppy, reports that need to be written for work, neglected friends … neglected treadmill!  All legitimate, all conspiring to generate a bucket-load of guilt.

But I remind myself that if I don’t take proper care of me, I can’t take care of anything else. Writing feeds my soul and allows me to replenish what the day to day grind takes away.

So, those 30K+ words help me to be a better mom (go ahead, ask my son, he’ll tell you), a better pet owner (Zoey has grown at least 2 inches in the past month), a more appreciative friend and … well, nobody’s perfect. I’ll make it up to the treadmill in December.

For any other NaNo-ers out there. Keep going. We’re in the final stretch now.

Happy Writing

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