Writing Prompt: Characterization

Writing Prompt:  A Board of eight executives sit before a lone applicant. Compel the reader to want to know more about your character via what’s revealed in this scene.

“So Ms Carter, let me tell you a bit about the position and then we’ll give you an opportunity to tell us something about you.”

Sam Waterston, Human Resource director gestured towards the other members of the panel which included representatives from both the Clinical and Administrative parts of the house.

“We are looking to fill the position of Marketing Director.  As you know, we are a behavioral health organization and our goal is to move into new markets across the state.  The person we are looking for should have both basic marketing skills as well as at least some knowledge of the inner workings of mental health facilities.  He or she should present themselves in a manner that instills confidence within the mind of the community of both our professionalism and competence.”

“Yeah,” said Ms Carter from her slouched position in the chair.  “So, how much does it pay?”

“Well,” said Sam, exchanging an uneasy look with his assistant on the right.  “We’ll get to that in a moment.  “Why don’t you tell us about some of your previous experiences and how they might serve you in this company.”

“Aight then,” she said.  “I ain’t really got no education, nothing formal-like or nothing.  I gots my knowledge from the streets.”

“Have you held any marketing positions in the past?”  This came from the Information Technology manager.

“I suppose that depends on what you mean.”  She smiled slyly at the nerdy young man.  Somehow, either by design or by accident, her already low cut blouse was pulled down to reveal the tops of plump breasts straining against the cups of a leopard print bra.

“I’ve been in many positions.”

She paused a beat and observed the infusion of blood that stained his neck, cheeks and the tips of his ears.  She chuckled softly and then leaned back, her back arched inward, further exposing her generous bosom to the room.

“But to answer your question, yes.  My last job was at the Farmer’s Market.”

The clinical director, the only other female in the room, a middle-aged black woman in her mid-forties snorted and then loudly cleared her throat.  “Excuse me, Ms . . .” she glanced down at the papers in front of her.  “…Carter. What is your experience with mental health?”

Ms. Carter sized up the director for a beat before pushing back in her chair.  Once assured that she held the attention of everyone in the room, she splayed her legs wide, just long enough to assure anyone with questions that she wore a matching set.  She never once took her eyes off the now flustered clinical director.  Several of the men strained forward for a closer look and Ms Carter finally broke the eye contact. She swept an inclusive glance around the room, smirked and then leisurely crossed her right leg over the left.

Sam Waterston felt they had completely lost control of the interview and he ‘harummphed’ until each of the members of his team regained their decorum.

“Ms. Carter,” he said slowly.  “I’m a bit confused.  Exactly what position are you applying for?”

“Why Mr. Waterston, I thought we had that understood.  Isn’t this the audition for the boy’s . . .” she winked at the clinical director.  “. . . and girl’s night out?”

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