Prompt: “What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is up for grabs.”

“Well, that went . . . okay,” Elizabeth Patton glanced fondly over her shoulder at her husband, Steve, who had just come in from the dining room.  He rested a warm hand on her waist as he slipped the last of the dinner dishes into the sink.

“You’re a wonderful hostess,” he said, as he pressed a lingering kiss to the back of her neck.  “How could it possibly go any other way?”

“Umm,” she cooed, leaning into him.  “That’s nice.”

His warm lips, still pressed against her skin, bent into a smile.  “What?”

he said. “The compliment or the kiss?”

“Both.” Elizabeth twisted her head to the left, allowing him greater access. “Did you get a chance to talk to Kevin?”  Kevin was Steve’s best friend and had been Best Man at their wedding ten years before.  Kevin married his second wife a year ago and they were having problems.

“Ah, honey,” he wrapped both arms around her and nuzzled the side of her neck.  “Men don’t talk about sensitive stuff like that.  At least not to each other.  And certainly not when we’re sober.”

“My baby’s got jokes.” Elizabeth tossed the dishrag into the sink.  She leaned fully back into him, running her fingers through the dense hair on his forearms.  “I just wondered if he’d said anything to you about Caroline moving out.”

“No, but he’s pissed.”  Steve rubbed his chin reflectively across her collarbone.  “Did you see the way he was flirting with Scarlett?”

“Geez, yes,” she said.  “Her husband’s face got nearly as purple as her dress.  I don’t know what kept him from tossing Kevin through a window.”

“Caroline cleaned out their bank accounts today and cancelled his credit cards.”

“Dag, seriously?”

“Uh-huh,” Steve’s nimble fingers made short work through the long line of pearl buttons on her blouse.  “She’s keeping him from the baby too.”

Elizabeth shivered against the cool air on her skin.  His hand lightly traced the scallop of lacy bra and she struggled to keep the thread of their conversation.

“What happened to them?” Elizabeth thrilled to the slight catch in her voice.  Steve had always been able to reduce her to mush at his slightest touch.  It was no less true today, after two years of dating, ten years of marriage and three kids, Steve could still bring her to near orgasm just by looking at her.  His breath was moist and uneven as it tantalized the fine hairs at the back of her neck.  His fingers trembled against the buttons at her waist and she knew he was as caught up in the sensuous heat as she.

“What happened to them?” he parroted.  She felt the silken folds of her skirt slip to her ankles.  “It’s in the attitude, my love. ‘What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is up for grabs” is no way to live a marriage.”

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