Writing Prompt: The Fake Number

Write 3-4 p about one who thinks an encounter has gone well only to later learn they have been given a fake number. Let us know his or her state of mind via the action rather than simply telling us.


Perry’s gaze lingered on her departing back, admiring the luxuriant sway of her generous hips and thighs.  He rubbed his chest in satisfaction as he anticipated the next step in their game of seduction.  The guys had wagered that he’d never get so much as a smile from her; the “Ice Queen” was legendary.  But Perry wasn’t worried. He’d always had an easy way with women.

It wasn’t just his six feet two inch muscular frame or his full sensuous lips or deeply set hazel eyes.  He was the total package. His innate intelligence gave him both street smarts and an affinity for academics.  It all melded together into a smooth swagger that was nearly irresistible.

Perry had met women who challenged him before, but in the end, he’d always won.  He had no reason to believe that tonight would be any different.

The mistake that many guys made was to think that women were impressed by phony lines or cheap business suits.  Be yourself.  Be sincere.  Believe that she was the most important person in your world at that moment and given enough time, she’ll come to believe it too.

Perry glanced down at the folded napkin she’d pressed in his palm.  She’d kissed him softly on the cheek as she passed him on her way to the door.  He imagined that he could still feel the velvety smoothness of her lips.

He moved into the lobby where the light was better.  His body thrummed with triumph over this small trophy as he released the delicate folds.

“Not in your wildest dreams.”

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