Writing Prompt: Message in the Mirror

Your best friend is missing.  Your only clue?  A secret message in a bathroom mirror, written in your friend’s lipstick.  The message is a clue to your friend’s whereabouts.  You need to find her before she is murdered.

Now more than ever, Kellie regretted their prank.  How could they have known it would have such dire consequences?  She glanced once again at the lipstick streaked mirror.


Kellie fled the bathroom.  She fumbled  the car keys into the door for several critical moments before she remembered the automated key fob.  The lock chirped open and she fell into the seat with heavy relief.  She slammed the door shut behind her and forced herself to inhale/exhale on a slow count of 10.  A panic attack would not benefit anyone right now.  Jacquee depended on her to remain calm.


Their plan had been childishly simple.  Call a random number, tell the stranger on the other end of the line that their secret was out, that she and Jacquee had photographic evidence.  Unless the person paid up, the evidence would be forwarded either to the police or wife or husband, whichever would have the biggest impact.  They had demanded a meeting and given the poor hapless stranger a time and meeting place for the payoff.

How could they have known that the responder had actually committed a crime?

And now he had Jacquee.

Kellie mentally applauded her best friend for her quick thinking.  Jacquee must’ve sensed that something was off and seized an opportunity to escape to the bathroom.  Not knowing who to trust, Jacquee had fallen back on their former childhood code.


Kellie knew where to find her.  She swallowed a moment of panic when the killer first called.  He’d used Jacquee’s cellphone and demanded that Kellie bring alleged pictures to the restaurant.  But when she arrived, there was no sign of either Jacquee or the man she was scheduled to meet.

Were they still here?  Could he be watching her, Kellie, even now?  Would he carry out his threat to kill Jacquee?

Was her friend still alive?

Heat suffused her face and Kellie fought against rising panic.  She could drive herself crazy with these questions and doubts.  If she gave into her paranoia, she would never leave the bathroom.

She had one clue and one opportunity to get it right.

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