Writing Prompt: Characterization featuring Micah and Ima

I took a much needed break in order to finish a couple writing projects.  I was also overwhelmed by the increased demands placed on the mother of a new middle-schooler.  DagAm I smarter than a 6th grader?

I’m celebrating my return to blogging with a response to WRITING PROMPT #59 found in THE WRITER magazine.  The instructions are to use the letters in your character’s name; find a word or phrase for each letter that relates to or describes his/her personality.  The goal is to keep going until you find something new about your character(s).

I’m going to modify this prompt just a bit and use the names of the hero and heroine of my soon-to-be-first-novel, KAOS.  When we first meet Micah and Ima, we find them on opposite ends of the law but circumstances soon require that they join forces in order to stop a larger foe.  Needless to say, fireworks stop popping up all over the place.

The descriptions in this  first set of acrostics reflect Micah and Ima’s first impression of the other.

M – macho, morose                                            I – inaccessible, impulsive

I – insufferable, intense                                    M – mysterious, mercurial, missing

C – cynical, complex                                           A – aggravating, abrasive

A – arbitrary, annoying

H – harsh, hurt


Now, we see how their impressions change  after they’ve had an opportunity to get to know each other.

M – musical, multidimensional                                    I – incandescent, idealistic

I – indefatigable, insatiable                                            M – magenta, magical

C – charming, compelling, cerebral                            A – audacious, adventurous

A – altruistic, authentic, akin

H – honest, helluva man


Have you used this exercise before, or something similar?  How do you build characters in your own work?

I would love to hear from you.  Until then,

Happy Writing!

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