Today’s Daily PromptWhat is your worst quality?

I am human, therefore I am flawed.

I could probably produce a list as long as the year but what would that prove?  I am who I am.

Detailing a list or categorizing one flaw as better or worse than another wouldn’t help you to understand me or make me more relatable or provide you with any particular insight into my daily functioning.  Flaws, like beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder.   I, like most people I would imagine, go through my day-to-day existence doing the best I can, with what I have.

But I recognize that not everyone will understand certain actions or responses, nor can they appreciate the complex mish-mash of history and experiences, current stressors, personality strengths and weaknesses that make up or influence how I might respond to any given situation at any particular moment in time.

It seems to me that by asking the question, there is an implied judgment and who is to say that one is better than another?   A characteristic that works as a survival mechanism for me becomes a major character flaw for you.


This whole dialogue just might be a load of bullshit designed for the sole purpose of directing you away from my very real character flaw of deflecting attention away from subjects I deem too personal.


6 thoughts on “Flawed?

  1. Hi Angelyn, I looked at this prompt and decided against it as I’d just end up self-bashing. And how could I choose just ONE? 🙂
    Just found your blog, I enjoy your writing! I am trying to increase my writing output, but some days are more successful than others!

    1. Kim,
      Thanks for stopping by. I almost passed on this one too then thought “why not?” Half of my battle with writing is just forcing myself to start clicking keys on the keyboard. Once I start, I’m often surprised at what I can produce. Happy Writing!

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