You want the world to accept you but you can’t even accept yourself.

Daily Prompt: Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

Erik Lehnsherr to Raven (X-Men First Class):  “You want the world to accept you but you can’t even accept yourself.”

I have been writing for several years now.  I have two novels in progress and about a half dozen short stories under my belt.  I’ve maintained a blog since 2007 and have judged multiple writer’s contests.  However the first time I identified myself as a writer was January 18, 2013 @ 9am during my VONA workshop .

I can’t really say for sure why I hesitated (anxiety? yep.  insecurity? certainly) but fortunately, Magneto’s words cut through the bullshit. How could I expect anyone to acknowledge me as a serious writer if I can’t do it myself?

Nick Fury (Avengers):  “What are you prepared to do?

It’s not enough to go around calling myself a writer if I never produce anything.  Or better still, if I never share my work with the world.  I’ve already declared 2013 as my year of purpose and so far I’m on track.  Two of my shorter pieces have been through final revisions and have been submitted.  I’m fairly confident that at least one of my novels will be ready for shopping to various publishing houses before this year is out.

What am I prepared to do?  Write. Sit my big beautiful butt down and write every day.

And at the end of this year, when my doubts and insecurities, demons, dragons and naysayers climb in, intent on diverting me once again from my path, I’ll be channeling my inner Jane Smith:

Jane Smith (Mr and Mrs Smith):  “Who’s your daddy now?”

15 thoughts on “You want the world to accept you but you can’t even accept yourself.

  1. What a great perspective about anything! It’s time for action and confidence in self and what I do. Time out for self sabotaging. THANKS ANN! Time to put on my big BIG girl pantries and celebrate ME!

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