Sunday Morning Musings: Hold Fast

I had a lesson this week.  Well, actually, it’s been going on for over a month.  I tend to be a bit hard headed, so it took awhile for the take-home message to stick but I finally got it.

Loud and clear.

Hold fast.

A preacher once said that when things around you seem to be falling apart, when you feel blocked in, and have nowhere to turn, instead of fighting back, that’s the time to focus and narrow all of your efforts on God. The chaos is nothing more than the devil trying to distract you from a blessing.

Hold on.

So, for the past month or so, there’ve been problems in my home, my job, my finances . . . my art.  As the man said, everywhere I looked there was confusion and pending doom.  There seemed to be no place for me.

No peace.

He’s coming.

But I prayed.  I talked it out. I figured.  I kept writing.

Crying in the dark and then getting up in the morning, girded in my big girl panties, strong in the belief, the knowledge that though things are dark now, joy will come in the morning.  This too will past.

And it did.

In the time it takes for a soap bubble to pop, peace returned to me.  Family crisis – resolving.  Financial crisis – averted.  Job issues?  Well, we’re still working that one out but it’s past the crisis point.

My art?  God work me up about 4 am with the solution to a structural problem I’ve been struggling with in my current WIP for the past month.  Words are flowing again like water.

We all struggle.  Life happens.  But this I know . . . we don’t have to deal with it alone.

Hold fast.

C'mon! I know you got something to say . . .

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