Day 4: Reality Bites

Back to life . . . back to reality

Y’all remember Soul II Soul, right? I’m sitting here at the laptop, channeling the 80’s hit,  chastising myself for not doing better.

Lesson learned in the trenches today, first day following the weekend retreat:  if I’m going to meet my daily 1,667 daily word count, I must NOT:

*  Wake up at 5 am after a restless sleep

*  work a 10 hour day

*  come home, prepare dinner, supervise homework

*  sit outside on patio, for an hour, in the 40 degree chill, chillies, under a blanket and space heater, playing Bingo Blast while the dogs run and explore in the backyard

*  come back inside after said adventure, cuddle up under more covers on the couch to warm up, gradually joined by the kid and THREE (3!) dogs, while watching “Sleepy Hollow”.

I bet you know where this is going, right?  You guessed it.  We fell asleep . . . toasty, a bit scrunchy but secure in our bonding.  I have no idea what happened on the tv.  When I woke up, it was 10:30pm.

Nonetheless, I put everybody to bed and faced the blank screen of my laptop.

Back to life . . . back to reality (however do you want me?)


Today’s word count: 405

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