Day 6: Getting it in

I struggled today.

Extremely busy at work,  taxi service for my kid after work, dinner, laundry etc.

I anticipated that I would have only a few alert hours this evening, so I’d handwritten some notes, outlined the next scene,  researched a couple technical details, you know, all the stuff I can do from my smartphone and tablet in between reports, meetings and homework.

OH, and did I mention I started a new workout program today?

I didn’t make my goal but my butt hit the chair (which is my ultimate goal).  I’ve learned that if I’m going to get through the next month, I have to give myself permission to fall short at times.  Monkey wrenches can and will disrupt my best laid plans and to be successful, I have to roll with them. (Lord, you know I’m tired.  I’m mixing horribly cliched metaphors now).

What is important is that I commit to DOING SOMETHING towards this project EVERY DAY.  I can make up the slow days on weekends.

I’m tired.  I’m sleepy but I’m getting it in.

Can I add the words in this post into my Nano daily word count?

No?  Ah well,

Today’s word count:  885

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