Day 9: Fight Club

This has been an exciting day in the life of my female protag.  It’s twice now that someone has tried to kill her.

And today, though she is still in the hospital, recovering from a concussion among other injuries, she defended herself like the queen badass she is!

Seriously, fight scenes are hard.  To write, that is.  When reading one written by a skilled writer, they look simple and easy.  Well, they are simple.  But nowhere near easy.

I wrote this sequence of scenes and I ‘hope’ I accomplished what I set out to do but I am so grateful that no one will actually read them until I start revisions.

I’m curious how other writers handle fight scenes, how do you approach this process?  I’d love to hear.

Today’s word count: 2420

C'mon! I know you got something to say . . .

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