Day 10: the challenge

My female protag has revealed more about her background this weekend than she did during our prep sessions.  As a result, she’s making the story more compelling (for me at least and hopefully for my future readers, once the manuscript is ready for consumption) and challenging.

Consequently, I’m having to research in between writing sessions.  A part of me is annoyed . . . well, irritated . . .  that I don’t have the time to research this new aspect of her character and history.  In my mind, I need the research in order to generate more realistic scenes, challenges.

But I have to remind myself that research and revision takes place AFTER NaNo, not DURING.  Right now my focus should lie solely on laying the foundation.  I can fill in the insulation and bricks in December.

I’m excited though.  She’s revealing herself to be quite a woman.  I’ve got one major challenges ahead:  to develop a plausible reason in which the male protag/cop agrees to help her in her quest, going directly against police protocol and accepted rules of engagement.

This is why I write.  I love puzzles.

Today’s word count: 3060

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