Day 12: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I kinda bent NaNo rules today (again) by conducting research.  I wanted a bit of guidance on writing fight scenes.  While the one I wrote this past weekend was conceptually exciting, it falls as flat as a limp noodle on the page.

My surfing travels lead me to an informative Youtube interview featuring Alan Baxter, who is a martial artist/trainer as well as the author of “Write the Fight Right.”  He offered excellent advice on writing realistic fight sequences and his interview lead me to follow a thread about Krav Maga, a martial arts, self defense fighting style.

Good Lord, talk about hard core violence.

Which of course lead to the conclusion that my female protag is a student of Krav Maga.

I watched several videos, feeling my body tense with both horror and excitement, when I remembered a discussion from several weeks before.  I met a young man at a conference who shared that he was a martial artist and that his latest training passion was Capoeira, a Brazilian-based style of martial arts that combines dance and music.  In fact, he is now training students here in Memphis.

So, I plugged Capoeira into the Youtube search engine and found several videos of demonstrations of this style.  It is every bit as beautiful as Krav Maga is violent.  Graceful, subtle aggressive movements set against a backdrop of throbbing African drums.

Sensual, seductive.  Which of course means that I HAVE to include Capoeira in my novel.

Since my female protag has now been revealed to practice martial arts, I’m going to add Capoeira to her repertoire.  I think at some point, she will demonstrate this technique to my male protag and I will let this sensuous dance of approach/withdraw lead to the expression of another type of passion.

Can’t wait.

Today’s word count 1055

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