Day 13: the big man

I am in love!

Today’s writing session explored the inner workings of my male protag.  In my head, he is a big man trying to maneuver his way through a world much too small for him.  He is cerebral.  He can handle himself physically if needed but prefers to reason through his problems.  People respond to him, instinctively relying on his natural leadership abilities, men trust him, women feel safe around him.  But he battles demons just like everyone else.

On my computer screen, I’m barely displaying an outline much less the full complexity of this character.  I have to reassure myself however.  This month is not meant for nuances, it’s for getting a completed (or close to) story down.  I’ll have the time and luxury of layers during the revision process.

So for now, I press forward.

Today’s word count: 2078

C'mon! I know you got something to say . . .

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