Day 15: Over Half-Way There

Wow!  It’s incredible to know that the month is half over and that I am well over the mark to reaching my 50k total!

I am tired and my son pointed out earlier this evening that I’m “cranky”.  Where the hell did he get the idea I’m cranky? I ain’t cranky.  Oh . . . okay . . . maybe  a little.

I’m trained to recognize the early signs of combat stress.  I’ve got a few of the key indicators: the aforementioned moody irritability, fatigue, distractibility, increased carelessness, among others.

In order to meet my writing goals this month, writing around a full time job, consultations, full-time mommy-hood, I’ve sacrificed sleep, food, exercise and socialization.  Some of that is to be expected and even planned for but,  I can be a bit obsessive.

I’ve also trained people how to overcome or avoid excess stress.  First thing, I acknowledge that if I try to maintain my pace and practices from the past 15 days, I will flame out before November 30.


My body needs no less than six hours of sleep each night, preferably eight;  four ain’t getting it.

I need to be mindful about meals and food choices; exercise MUST have priority.

My kid and I saw  GROWN UPS 2 this evening.  Trust me, this was completely HIS choice.   But it’s the first time we’ve been out in two weeks (sad, I know).   Anyway, the movie was everything I expected, moronic physical comedy and fart jokes.  It was laugh-out-loud funny to my 12-year old.  Okay, I’m not gonna lie, laughter brought tears to my eyes when the four grown ass men were forced to jump naked off a cliff.  I laughed until my belly hurt.

It felt great!

I’ve also figured out how to write smart and have carved time in my day to write that does not take away from family time in the evenings nor sleep at night.

So, back to the story:  I’ve struggled with and avoided working through my male protag’s personal story arc.  I actually thought I could get through the novel without it.

You can’t.

So, I think I’ve settled on his internal conflict.  Oddly enough (my subconscious percolator at work), his personal crisis mirrors the one experienced by my female protag.  It will be interesting to learn how the two crises resolve in the end.

Today’s word count: 2410

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