Day 18: scratch the plan

I love it when my characters do something unexpected, something I hadn’t planned for during my initial planning.

I also hate it.

Like with any puzzle, you make one change, it has the potential to change the whole story or significant parts of it.  My female protag decided that she did not like the initial situation I’d set her up in and she decided to go an entirely different way.

That’s fine . . . no really.

It just means that I’m scratching my head, brainstorming like crazy to make certain that the clues I’m laying do not contradict themselves or reveal the endgame too early.

She’s right though.  Her insistence on going her own way makes for a stronger story.  I just hope I remember all the changes once I get into revisions.

I’ve got some thinking to do . . .

Today’s word count: 2280

C'mon! I know you got something to say . . .

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