Day 21: Bad Dude Still Rising

I really, really appreciate Bob Mayer’s advice to raise the stakes not only for the protagonists but for the antagonist as well.

Today’s writing session took me back to exploring Bad Dude’s motivations and endgame.  When I considered that BAd Dude, my male and female protags should be moving towards their individual goals at about the same rate, I was forced to acknowledge that some of the crises I’d invented for my female protag were . . . well,  contrived.

I’d’ve gone through the entire manuscript creating drama for the protags and then in the final moments, throw bad dude’s motivation to the four winds and expect my readers to just get it.

Well, I finally got a clue and reworked it so that they were both moving and pacing towards the final confrontation.  Yeah, I’m breaking NaNo rules again but in my own defense, I didn’t exactly revise, I . . . re-adjusted.


Anyway, the cool thing is that I can now clearly see the end of the book, the climax and final confrontation.  It’s a great feeling.

Today’s word count: 2144

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