Day 22: Reflections

Today’s commentary will be relatively brief.

The uh, adjustments made to the protags and Bad Dude’s rising conflicts required changes in several secondary characters as well.  I’m excited about the changes but I’ve had to slow down a bit just so I could think through how the changes may impact other characters.

Some will be affected not at all, others dramatically so.  I’m not complaining.  I’m just glad that I’m not half way through my second set of revisions before I caught  my mistake.

One character in particular, who I’d believed was an ally is now shaping up to be an adversary.  I think I can redeem him towards the end but for now he is nothing nice.

Anyway, I’m shutting it down for the night.  It’s time for me to go play . . .

Today’s word count: 1531

C'mon! I know you got something to say . . .

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