Day 23: dreamscape

This morning, I woke up from a pretty intense dream.  In my dream, I’d been pulled over for a routine traffic stop.  There was road block and every car on this stretch of highway was being stopped and searched.  I was ask to pull over because the address on my driver’s license did not match that on my registration.

The next thing I know, I’m being accused of being a member of some terrorist organization and that my name had popped up on some publicly available government blacklist.  There were other details that have now faded but the thing that remains is the throat choking fear, sense of helplessness and isolation.

Just before going to bed last night, I’d conducted a Google search for red flag indicators for suspicious terrorist activities that one might find, say, in an employment background check.  There really IS a blacklist and your name could pop up when someone does a routine credit check, particularly if your name is fairly common e.g, John Smith or more likely Carlos Diaz.  Unfortunately, names of Spanish or Arabic origins are disproportionately represented on this list.  Say, you’re trying to buy a car.  The dealership runs a credit check and an OFAC alert pops up.  That happened two years ago to a grandmother of four in Arizona.

Anyway, my wee little brain is obviously working over time trying to process this publicly available but little known information that demonstrates just how illusory our freedom really is; this is probably the driving factor behind the dream sense of helplessness/isolation.  That dream probably also reflects some poorly hidden anxiety that some government official may be monitoring the crazy sites I’ve been to lately as I try to educate myself about weapons systems, domestic terror groups and practices and all sorts of stuff that I don’t normally use in my boring day to day existence.  I feel the need to state, just for the record:


There!  Maybe I can rest easier tonight. . .

Today’s word count: 1549

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