Day 24: Home stretch

Three weeks down, one more to go.

Three weeks of daily writing, plotting and researching.  I’m writing a thriller, so even if (when) I meet the NaNo goal of 50K, the manuscript will be far from complete.    Besides, my goal had never been  to complete a fully publishable novel in one month anyway, that’s goofy.

Instead, I wanted a bare-bones outline . . . a skeleton of the full story to come.  That I might be able to pull off.  At this point, I’m more than halfway through the second act and we’re rushing towards the final confrontation.

But I’ve yet to write even one sex scene, I must have at least one (maybe two).  I also need to sort through my female protag’s dark moment,  and then Bad Dude’s exposure.

Anyway, I’ll keep plugging away this final week.  Then the real fun begins. . .


Today’s word count: 2251

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