Day 25: still no sex

Y’know, it’s kinda hard to have a sex scene when I can’t figure out how to get two people together in the same room at the same time?

Furthermore, it doesn’t help that she’s a fugitive and he’s the cop huntin’ her ass!

I can’t stand contrived love/sex scenes.  This is probably why I’ve never successfully crafted a romance novel.  Falling madly in love and planning a life long commitment within twenty-four hours of meeting each other strikes me as utterly ridiculous.

A drunken grope against a wall outside a bar?  That’s doable.  Okay, so I’ve heard . . .

Anyway, I do want this couple to have a happily-ever-after . . . eventually.  But it will take far longer than the 72 hours that I plan to cover in this manuscript.  Not to mention that both characters are emotionally closed, for different reasons.  And though emotions are heightened as a result of the danger they face, it’s not the stuff of longevity.

The seed has already been planted for a follow-up story featuring both protags.  Perhaps I could grow their love across the arc of three books and not just this first one; because two books does not a series make.

I need to get through this one first.  As I’m typing, the idea of grief sex just popped into my head.  I said SEX, not love.

Today’s word count 2223

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