KAOS: an introduction

Revisions are underway and on schedule for my debut novel, KAOS.

I am really pleased with how the story continues to unfold and I’m having loads of fun organizing and fine-tuning each scene.

I promised a back cover blurb and you’ll find it below but I must admit, this was harder than I could have predicted. Summarizing a 200-300 page novel into a few paragraphs is definitely NOT one of my strong suits.

So, I’m asking, in my sweetest voice, that those of you who’ve done this before, please review and then offer helpful feedback on how to make this stronger.

Also, to readers, you know what encourages you to pick up or download a new book, help your girl out.  Can you tell me what works  for you and what doesn’t?

Thank you!

KAOS:  A novel by Angelyn Sherrod

America is under siege and the enemy is within.

The Brotherhood of Zion’s Call, self-proclaimed Lords of Chaos, a shadowy group of anti-government conspirators, has declared war on the United States.  Unlike other anti-government, segregationist hate groups, this one has no face . . . only deadly violence and a single-minded determination to bring America to its knees.

In the aftermath of a deadly sniper attack, the only witness to the group’s leadership and ultimate endgame, Ima De Costas, mysteriously disappears from the hospital hours after being admitted. 

Memphis police detective Micah Langston Hughes and his team, along with support from Homeland Security and the FBI, is tasked to investigate.  Their investigation leads to the obvious conclusion that Ms. De Costas, a political consultant to a presidential candidate and former Air Force officer, may not have been a victim or a witness after all . . . but a conspirator.

As further attacks take place and the death toll rises, can Micah discover the true enemy in time to stop a treachery so violent, it could de-stabilize the American government?

C'mon! I know you got something to say . . .

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