Hello 2014 – The Year of Favor

The year of 2013 year is almost gone. . . it really doesn’t seem as if we’ve just walked through another 365 days.  I’d declared 2013 as my year of purposeful living and writing, believing that expectations have a lot to do with what happens to us in life.  If we work and operate through our daily lives as if we CAN, we WILL accomplish our goals.

I tried to apply this concept to all aspects of my life:

Purposely completing at least one of the four novels I’ve been working on

Purposely pursuing whatever I needed to do in order to fulfill my dreams of becoming a published author

Purposely making my health a priority

Purposely taking responsibility for my own happiness

The results were mixed but overall, I have been really pleased with 2013!

1.  I applied for, was accepted to, and completed my first writing workshop in January.  VONA was a life altering experience and I would encourage all writers of color to experience this at least once.

2. My short story, The Gazebo won an award in Southern Writer’s Magazine.  Another short, Night Fishing, has been accepted into an anthology and is scheduled for publication in mid-2014.

3.  I’m a NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner!  I completed about 52K words towards my novel, KAOS in November and then finished a completed draft by Mid-December.  I’m currently in revisions with that story, making steady progress.

2014 feels ripe with possibilities and I’m eagerly anticipating each one.  In keeping with last year’s theme, 2014 has been declared The Year of Living in Favor.  Remember those expectations I mentioned earlier?  Well, the level of favor we experience in life rises in accordance with our level of expectation.

I’m expecting that each of you will have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!  I’m looking forward to our journey together in 2014.


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