Writing 101 Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 Writing 101 Blog Post

I’ve been MIA for a couple months. The good news is that I’ve been deeply involved in revisions on my novel KAOS. The bad news is that I’ve hopelessly lost track of my blog.

Imagine my joy when WORDPRESS announced it’s latest blog challenge, WRITING 101.  For the next thirty (30) day, the intent is to focus on writing craft and skill building but also to establish a regular posting routine for the blog.

Participants will respond to a daily prompt and will have the option to post what we’ve written or not. I’ve decided that, since I’m still in revisions, I will mostly update my daily progress. From time to time, I may actually post what I’ve written on any given day — like today.

Today’s challenge: free write for 20 minutes. In my novel, KAOS, I’ve been struggling to create a scene that demonstrates my male protag’s state of mind prior to the inciting incident. I think I’ve finally settled on a plan.  Disclaimer:  this is a very raw sample. 

Micah lingered behind as the last of corp team dispersed to their assigned posts in the park. Rita Morgan, Homeland Security rep had a hand on the knob when Micah called out.

“Rita,” his voice hoarse and low.

Her head came up like a deer scenting danger. She refused to look around at his call but a visible shutter ran over her body. Micah found himself right behind her without any conscious recollection of how he came to be there. He was close enough to see the sudden pimpling of the skin on the back of her neck.

“What do you want, Detective Hughes?” her voice low and husky, she turned slightly, her eyes lifted only as far as his chin.

Micah smiled grimly to himself. He was surprised by the look of fear on her face. It vanished as soon as it appeared but Micah had seen it. He hoped he threatened her. Her body told him that she was every bit as acutely aware of him and he was of her.

“What’s your rush?” Micah lightly touched her elbow and another cold draft of satisfaction washed through him at the aroused catch in her breath.

“My ‘rush’ as you call,” she made a half-hearted attempt to snatch her arm out of his grasp. “Is that we have a job to do. Right outside that door.”

“We’ve got a few minutes,” Micah insisted. “You’re looking good, Rita. When can I see you again?”

“The last time you “saw” me, you snuck out of my apartment and I didn’t hear from you for six weeks.”

C'mon! I know you got something to say . . .

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