Merry Christmas!

Due to the Christmas holiday weekend, I’m going to step away from the computer for a few days; the interviews for BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES authors will return next week. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on finding creative ways of loving up my little family.  Don’t you just love the reminder that Christmas brings?  That God […]

Malice in Memphis presents: BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES. Meet Kristi Bradley

Much love and heartfelt thanks to those of you who celebrated with us last week during the release party for BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES.  Dee Price was the winner of the autographed hard cover copy of BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES.  Congrats, Dee!  We are still offering a $10 Amazon gift card for the next person who posts […]

BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES virtual release party

We are having a party, ya’ll and each of you are cordially invited. After years of hard work and dedication, the first anthology from Malice in Memphis, a mystery writer’s group, BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES is here and we want to celebrate!  Kristi has already cracked a bottle! Please stop by the BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES Virtual […]

Malice in Memphis presents: BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES – Meet Juanita Dunn Houston

  As many of you already know, BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES released November 26, 2014!  It’s currently available in E-book and print form at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Dark Oak Press. Today, I am talking to Juanita Dunn Houston, another of our BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES authors.  Juanita was born and raised in Memphis and where, […]

It’s so much better when we take our time

I have participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every year since I first learned of its existence in 2010 and most years, met the 50k word count goal.  I value this month for many reasons that I won’t list here but I primarily participate because it helps to improve overall productivity  as well as […]

Malice in Memphis presents: BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES – Meet Barbara Christopher

BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES, Malice in Memphis’s first anthology is scheduled for release very soon.  As I reflect back on the effort . . . and years, for us to reach this point, I get excited. We finally finished the darn thing! You work with a group of people for years and you think you know […]