Malice in Memphis presents: BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES – Meet Barbara Christopher

2014-10-31 19.04.17BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES, Malice in Memphis’s first anthology is scheduled for release very soon.  As I reflect back on the effort . . . and years, for us to reach this point, I get excited.

We finally finished the darn thing!

You work with a group of people for years and you think you know them.  But then you read their work, and you come to understand just how brilliant they are.

One of those people is Barbara Christopher.  Barbara is a long time member of Malice.  She started out writing romance but started hanging out with the mystery writers and now we’ve converted her to the dark side.  Her book, KEEPER OF THE KEY, a paranormal romance, “creates a tale of love that will haunt you long after you finish the book.” You can pick up a copy either on Amazon or a traditional bookstore.

In BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES, Barbara has penned an intriguing mystery, THE QUEEN OF HEARTS.  Barbara hasn’t completely moved away from her romance roots: this story has a puzzling mystery, lots of conflict and drama, and one sexy (read: smart, charming, haunted) hunky cop.

Each of the stories in BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES is set in a significant or historic place in Memphis.  THE QUEEN OF HEARTS takes place on the waterfront landing.  Here’s what Barbara has to say about this setting and why it was the perfect spot for murder:

The cobblestone waterfront landing is the surviving portion of four landings developed between 1819 and 1881. The Memphis Landing is where the riverboats dock, but today’s Memphis Landing is set for decommission in the near future and the Majestic River Boats will no longer be docked at the foot of the Cobblestones.

I was inspired to write this story based on a true news story about a teen murdered down by the river.

Barbara is currently working on two ghost stories for inclusion in the next Malice in Memphis anthology as well as completing the final touches on the sequel to KEEPER OF THE KEYS.

Before we leave, let’s take a sneak peek into THE QUEEN OF HEARTS

Detective Alex Matthews let his cell phone ring three times before flipping it open. “Good morning, Lieutenant.”

He’d expected the early morning call, just not this early.

Alex took his coffee from the single-cup brewer and took a sip.

“Not real good, Matthews,” said the Lieutenant.  “Halloween always brings out the creeps, and last night was worse than usual. There’s a queen down, and she doesn’t have Memphis in front of her name. You’re up.”


“Body found on the cobblestones dressed like a queen, might be murder, might not.”

“On my way,” Alex said as he noted the exact location.

“I told Taylor you’d pick her up.”

“And she agreed?”

“Didn’t have a choice. Her car died. One more thing, Alex, Lan was the first responder. Keep it professional. I don’t want whatever is going on between you and your brother hindering this investigation.”

Damn. He knew this would happen eventually.

It wasn’t just Lan, but everyone in the precinct was watching him like a hawk waiting for him to make one mistake. Waiting for him to find the bottom of the bottle again.

With Lan it was worse, because Lan wanted him to fail.


This interview is the first in a series featuring the authors of BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES. Please check back for future interviews.

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