Malice in Memphis presents: BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES – Meet Juanita Dunn Houston

kindlebcm  As many of you already know, BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES released November 26, 2014!  It’s currently available in E-book and print form at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Dark Oak Press.

Today, I am talking to Juanita Dunn Houston, another of our BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES authors.  Juanita was born and raised in Memphis and where, except for a fourteen year break while her husband served in the military, she continues to reside her with aforementioned hubby and a fur baby named Sugarbee.

Juanita serves as secretary for Malice in Memphis and is the editor of the Malice in Memphis monthly newsletter, Malice’s Dead To Writes.  In addition to being a talented writer, Juanita expresses her creativity through machine embroidery, sewing and, her latest passion, painting.

Juanita’s story, MUTINY ON MUD ISLAND, takes us on a tour of the River Terrace restaurant (love that place!) on Mud Island, a small inlet peninsula just off the bluff in downtown Memphis.  The story shows us that murder can happen even in the prettiest of places.

AS:  Tell us two or more little known facts about your location?

JDH: I am not sure if this is little known or not but there is a museum along the riverwalk and river boats located inside the main building. Also Mud Island and the museum were used in the movie “The Firm” including the monorail.

AS: Why did you choose that setting?

JDH: I was attending the Pirate Faire a couple of years ago and realized that with so many people in costume it would be easy for a killer to be hiding in plain sight and never know who to suspect. I used to work downtown years ago and it has always held a fascination for me.

AS: What other genres have you written in?

JDH: I stick pretty much to mysteries as that has always been my favorite genre.

AS: What is your favorite way to off someone in your stories/novels/works in progress?

JDH: This pretty much depends on my mood but I like to find some unique ways to kill off my characters.

AS: What’s next for you?

JDH: I hope to write a couple of ghost stories for the next anthology which is based in the West Tennessee area. I also plan on working on some paintings.   For the most part I think I am a better painter than writer (and I am not that good of a painter), lol ,though I do have fun editing and producing the newsletter.

AS: Where can your readers find you? Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website?

JDH:  You can find me on Facebook under Juanita Dunn Houston and Juanita D. Houston, Artist.

Thank you, Juanita.  One last thing before you leave, let’s take a sneak peek into MUTINY ON MUD ISLAND:

Lee Wallace’s body stared up at the early dawn sky without seeing it. His throat had been cut with a rapier sword, and he had bled out into the Mississippi. Wallace had been making his last rounds before his shift ended, to make sure Mud Island was prepared for the Pyrate Faire. Members of the Mid-South Buccaneers would be arriving in a couple of hours to set up. Lee Wallace never heard the person come up behind him as he walked the back of the amphitheater.

The killer looked out over the water trying to assess if he could be seen from the other side. But at that hour, it was doubtful anyone was awake, let alone out. He checked his watch which read 4:55. Soon the whole island would be bustling with people in costumes setting up as well as visitors. People would arrive to shop and enjoy a day at the Pyrate Faire. These types of festivals and fairs always drew a lot of people so it probably wouldn’t take long for the body to be found.

That was fine with him. He had originally thought this would be his first and only kill, but since he had really enjoyed it, he decided that this was going to be the first of many.

Thank you for joining us today and check back weekly to learn more about the authors of BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES.

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