Malice in Memphis presents: BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES. Meet Kristi Bradley

kindlebcmMuch love and heartfelt thanks to those of you who celebrated with us last week during the release party for BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES.  Dee Price was the winner of the autographed hard cover copy of BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES.  Congrats, Dee!  We are still offering a $10 Amazon gift card for the next person who posts a review of the book on Amazon.

Malice in Memphis is now gearing up for our first in-person author reading/signing.  On December 31st, yes, New Year’s Eve at 6pm, we hope to see you at the Spaghetti Warehouse on Huling.  We will be on hand to answer questions, read excerpts from the book as well as sign.  Paper and hard cover copies will be available for purchase on site.  You may also purchase in advance, in E-book and print form at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Dark Oak Press.

Today, I have the distinct pleasure in introducing you to Kristi Bradley.  Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, wife, mother of three, step-mother of one, grandmother of two, owned by three cats, two dogs and a guinea pig, and employed at a local underground construction equipment company just to feed the brood. You’d think that would keep her busy jut no, she also performs the duties of Vice President for Malice in Memphis and is co-coordinator and literary chair for Mid-SouthCon, a local sci-fi/fantasy convention. When not involved in one of those activities, reading or spending time with her family and friends, she writes and paints her own versions of reality. Kristi has two submissions in BLUFF CITY MYSTERIESMurder in Midtown and Voodoo Village are her first publications.

Thank you so much for joining me today, Kristi.  I love that you chose the urban legend surrounding Voodoo Village as the backdrop for one of your stories.  Located deep in south Memphis on a deserted, overgrown and darkened road, Voodoo Village was founded by Wash Harris in the 1960s as Saint Paul’s Holiness Temple. Every since their arrival there has been over fifty plus years of unsubstantiated rumors of ritualistic sacrifice and dark magic.  The family has always denied these allegations and none of it has ever been substantiated.  Still, the Harris family continues to jealously guard their privacy behind chain-linked fences and gates overflowing with unusual and shocking imagery, which Harris claimed to be symbols of God.

A.S.  So, Kristi, what else can you add about the mystery surrounding Voodoo Village?

K.B.  Those who dare to visit Voodoo Village will find a small, peculiar, fenced-in compound nestled among the trees. On first pass, the gate may be closed. On second pass, the gate may be open, beckoning entrance.

Just remember…

You may enter.

But you may not leave.

A.S. Okay, now that’s just spooky.  Tell us about the story you created.

K.B.  An impromptu visit to Voodoo Village doesn’t go as planned, leaving one person missing and  prompting lots of questions but few answers.

A.S.  I think you’ve got spooky and scary down pretty good.  What inspired you to write this story?

K.B.  I volunteered to write this story for our former Malice in Memphis president, Phyllis Appleby, who wanted a story about Voodoo Village included our anthology.  The idea, I can only blame on the darkest recesses of my mind.

A.S.  What other genres have you written in?

K.B.  Besides mystery, I’ve also written in the Fantasy and Romance genres.

A.S. Describe your writing process? Favorite aspect? Least favorite?

K.B.  My writing process is pretty simple. I research first, then plant butt in chair and write. I don’t plot, I let the story flow naturally and see where it takes me. And the journey never ends up where I first think it will. That’s the fun part.

A.S.  What’s next for you?

K.B. I am currently working on two ghost stories for the next Malice anthology and I’m shopping an urban fantasy manuscript, as well as a paranormal romance short story to various editors and publishers.

A.S. Good luck with that process.  I’ve read the short story and found it compelling.  Where can our readers connect with you?

K.B.  Find me on Facebook! Kristi Bradley.

Before we leave, let’s take a quick glimpse into VOODOO VILLAGE by Kristi Bradley.

“The gate is open. An invitation to enter,” Randy said.

“What?” Molly cried. “We can’t go in there.”

John hesitated. Randy kicked his seat. “Sure we can.”

John floored it.

Molly gripped the seat as the car bounced down the pitted drive. Movement caught her eye from one of the crosses, and vanished as quickly. She couldn’t stop her gasp. “We need to leave! This is private property.”

The car continued down the debris-lined, curving path, past several buildings and a variety of old cars, trucks and miscellaneous junk. She begged John to turn the car around, even tried to get Randy to intervene, but he just laughed at her. Dread landed like a lead weight in her belly.

“Look, John. The road goes into the trees,” Randy said.

John took the hint, steered down the foggy path.

“Don’t,” Molly shouted, ducking as brush hit the vehicle.

The car jerked to a halt, lost power, plunged them into total darkness.

I hope y’all enjoy reading Voodoo Village as much as I did.  You can find it among a whole host of mystery short stories in BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES now available from Dark Oak Press.


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