Malice in Memphis presents – Bluff City Mysteries: Meet Carolyn McSparren

BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES is out and about and making is presence known.  Thank you all again for the love and support you’ve given us in this effort.  In addition to its ongoing availability at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Dark Oak Press, you can now find paperback and hard cover copies locally at Book Stop […]

Malice in Memphis presents: BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES – Meet Jim Paavola

Malice in Memphis is a local group of mystery writers and as you’re doubtlessly aware by now, we have published our first anthology of mystery shorts, BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES. The two commonalities that run throughout all fifteen stories is that they are set in Memphis Tennessee and there’s an unsolved murder. What happens next lies […]

Malice in Memphis presents: BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES. Meet Elizabeth Ann Smith

Happy 2015! I hope you’ll forgive us but we’re still celebrating.  Not just the dawn of a new year but the realization of a long held dream. The publication of BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES! BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES is an anthology of mystery shorts penned just for you by members of Malice in Memphis.  The book is […]