Settings – A Celebration of Memphis

SAM_0104I love my hometown of Memphis TN. I’ve lived in various places around the country but when it was time to settle, I chose home.

Memphis figures prominently in both my novel as well as many of the short stories I’ve published over the years. Part of me rebels that the only thing people think of when they think of Memphis is Elvis Presley and Graceland (no disrespect intended. The man is all that and a bunch of cookies in my book, he gave my aunt a Cadillac in the 70’s).

But the city is much richer that popular media presents. Like any urban dwelling, it has ugliness but there are parts of the city that take your breath away. One of the sweetest sites when traveling home after a long absence is the Tennessee-Arkansas bridge over the Mississippi River.

Eula ch 3Robert B Church Park features prominently in the opening scenes of KAOS. It nestles in downtown Memphis and is land donated by one of the city’s first African American millionaires. It was designated as one of the few places in the city black citizens could gather in a safe space. To this day, the tradition continues where events such as Africa in April and other open air festivals

Micah’s condo is located on Mud Island, a tiny peninsula just off the bluff. ariach5It’s a bit ritzy for a cop salary but let’s just say that he is a good planner and manager of his money. That VA loan came in handy.

ch 6 judgeMuch of the action takes place at 201 Poplar, which houses the Shelby County Jail and Memphis Police Department. Imagine having this view to clear your mind after a long day dealing with criminal types all day?

What are your favorite spots in Memphis?

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