Review: Bluff City Mysteries

Many thanks to Click Magazine, for this great review of BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES. Ghost stories of the Mid-South, new tales from the writers of Malice in Memphis, coming soon. Stay tuned. In the meantime:

“Night Fishing” by Angelyn Sherrod takes place at the Burkle Estate, which now operates as the Slavehaven Underground Railroad Museum in Memphis. In antebellum days, the land was owned by Jacob Burkle, a German immigrant who was widely believed to be a secret abolitionist and whose home served as a stop on the Underground Railroad. In a way, this historical footnote is instrumental to Sherrod’s murder mystery, for Burkle’s extraordinarily respectful relationship with the servants on his plantation ultimately leads to a timely discovery of who the murderer really is.

Like “Night Fishing,” many of the stories have history lessons embedded in them, and thanks to each story’s being introduced by a historical blurb about its setting, you’ll finish the collection a little wiser about weird Memphis than when you started it.

Read more of this review here.

You can pick up your copy of BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES at most local booksellers in Memphis including Bookstop Plus, South Main Book Juggler, the Slavehaven Underground Railroad Museum and Memphis and Shelby County Public Libraries. BLUFF CITY MYSTERIES is also available  online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Dark Oak Press.

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