Writing Inspirations: Just Keep Swimming . . . and Writing

A word after a word after a word is power. -– Margaret Atwood

findingnemoWriting can be a solitary experience, particularly when embarking on a novel. We get all excited, we want to share that initial spark, that small seed of an idea with everybody.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, it’s an intoxicating moment and we want to share our stories; and we can’t wait to get it down on paper (or monitor) so that the whole world can enjoy it as much as we do. However, I don’t know about you but the people in my world may celebrate with me  but they seriously do NOT want to hear about the grimy details e.g., the word searches, the research into the latest military hardware, or grammar, structure, show don’t tell. They love me and they love that I’m creating a new piece but ,non-writers (heck, even some writers -they do have their own problems, after all) could care less about the process . . . all they want is the result.

So, once that initial rush passes, then it’s time to get down to the drudgery. And it’s just us, the computer screen, pen and paper. It was a harsh reality for me to comprehend that novels, short stories, poems do not come out of our head and hearts the way they are seen in their final state in a book, magazine or during spoken word night.

There’s work, hard work that has to be done. There is struggle as the creator decides how she will express that idea or grow it into a novel length product. That’s when negativity, insecurities and doubts set in. Little demons sitting on your shoulders, poking at every sensitive spot in your psyche.

Who am I to decide to write a book? I’m no writer. Nobody wants to hear anything I say? What a totally ridiculous idea!

But I have come, or I should say, I’m getting to the point where I learn to ignore or push past those thoughts. I have tasked myself to write a novel, something that 95% of the population wouldn’t even dream of.

That’s amazing.

So, I make a choice, whenever I’m tempted to give in to the voices in my head: I can allow myself to be overwhelmed by doubts and insecurities and never write another word.

Or I can put one word down, then another until I have a sentence. Then add more sentences until I have created a paragraph. And if I continue to push towards the goal of producing words, then I will automatically regain my power.

Yes, one word after another is power.

Let’s keep writing.

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