A to Z Challenge: Zenith Rising

Zenith Rising The police retreated from the church, leaving the parishioners free to leave on their own. Nobody moved. The moment was fragile, timeless, as if movement would shatter everything they’d ever known. Detective Mendoza escorted Ms. Earline out to his car, assisting her into the front seat. His head and shoulders were stooped as […]

A to Z Challenge: Yellowed Yams

Yellowed Yams “Please tell them, Ms. Earline,” Delilah continued to sob, her hand rested on Izzy’s boot but she was no longer trying to hold him to her. Her face was turned into the floor, as if she did not want to face the consequences of her words. “Take your hands off that boy.” Ms. […]

A to Z Challenge: X-mas N July

X-mas N July “I’m probably going straight to hell for this, ‘specially with all these holy-rolling Christians running around but I need a little Christmas In July.” Mama Lou said, “Xavier, what are you going on about?” “Oh, a little Midori, Hpnotiq, Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao with a splash of orange juice and lemonade. Um-mm, […]

A to Z Challenge: Waylaid Watermelon

Waylaid Watermelon The heavy oak doors that marked the front of the church slammed inward, followed by a rush of booted feet. MPD cops as well as Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies swarmed the vestibule. Mama Lou and Ethel Mae watched from the doorway as Detective Giancarlo Mendoza directed them to cover the exits. No one […]

A to Z Challenge: Velvety Smooth Red Velvet Cake

Velvety Smooth Red Velvet Cake Deacon Perry said, “Come on, Charlotte. You’re going to make yourself sick.” He escorted her to one of the folding chairs and then turned back to the group.  “It’s true. Pastor Griffin did leak the video. I went to him first, asking to offer some type of protection for Charlotte, […]

A to Z Challenge: Under the Upside Down Cake

Under the Upside Down Cake Mama Lou stepped over to the tray of tea and cake and started slicing the upside down cake. Kieran, Delilah and Izzy continued to throw accusations back and forth, verbal darts aimed and tossed, none hitting the mark. She forced a styrofoam plate into Izzy’s hands and said, “This is […]

A to Z Challenge: Tawanda’s Tea

Tawanda’s Tea The click-clack of rapidly approaching heels filled the silence that followed Izzy’s challenge. Tawanda stood in the doorway, a smile of concentration marked her face as she tried to balance the heavy tray. “I know it’s hot as all Hades out there today, but as my grandma used to say, there is nothing […]

A to Z Challenge: Saving Grace

Saving Grace “You better sit your punk-ass down and mind how you speak to my woman.” Izzy the Ice Cream Man stood in the doorway and glared at Deacon Kieran. He held the look for an extended moment before stepping over to Delilah, relieving her from Mama Lou’s grasp. He leaned down towards her, eyes […]

A to Z Challenge: Revenge of Montezuma

Revenge of Montezuma Pastor Griffin was dead. Detective Mendoza went into action. He called in a report to dispatch then took steps to secure the scene  surrounding the body.  While he waited for reinforcements, he directed the deacons to herd the congregation inside the church and to insure that everyone was accounted for. Whether they […]