The Execution of Andre

Andre Pierce is dead.

He was the son of a wealthy man, charming, charismatic, a real people pleaser.  A successful lawyer who had recently been elected a criminal court judge.  He was the quintessential ladies man; tall, dark and handsome.  Women adored him.  Men wanted to be him.  In Andre’s mind, he was and had everything a 30-something year old man could ever dream of.

All that glitters is not gold.

Andre’s dead and mutilated body is found in a shady motel in South Memphis.  Lying next to him is Courtney Bowers, Andre’s law clerk.  She claims to have no memory of either how they came to be in the motel or who killed Andre.  Her last memory was of them having a drink at the bar in The Madison Hotel.

Detective Caleb Jones is assigned to investigate what should have been an open and short murder investigation.  However, the more he digs, the more he unravels the illusion surrounding Andre Pierce.  He finds an exhaustive list of suspects, each with compelling motives, means and access.

Could it be one of his three fiancées, finally fed up with his cheating way?

Or maybe, it’s his step-mother, Eula, who was enraged by Andre’s threat to reveal her year-long affair with him to his father, her husband.

Perhaps the culprit is one of the many clients Andre screwed over the years, including Rasheed Harris, former Chief of Detectives, recently released from federal prison.

Detective Jones will have his hands full but perhaps you can help him sort through the pieces and solve the crime.

Come back May 31 2010

4 thoughts on “The Execution of Andre

  1. Ann , this is loaded ! You are a great storyteller who is fulfilling her dream of being an author . Please hurry and put pen to paper so I can enjoy this cliffhanger !

  2. Hey Lady, I’m just glad to have met you and became your friend, it’s pleasing to say I have friend who is a “Author” 🙂 I so look forward to reading what God has given you, such talent. I’m no one for you to look up to, but I want you to know, I’m very proud of you!!

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