Chapter 3 – Eula

WARNING:  Mature Content

Eula lay back and half listened to Andre talking on the phone.  He perched on the side of the bed, barking out orders and completely ignored her.

He was naked.  She loved looking at that man without clothes.  He was stunning, dressed or undressed, Eula acknowledged.  But Andre Pierce naked? For Eula, it was like sampling a fine wine or a beautiful piece of sculpture . . . best savored slowly.

Eula admired the wide breadth of his back, the narrow taper of his waist, the creamy caramel of his skin.  Her fingers itched to touch him, to caress him, up and down his spine, as well as other places.  But she knew that it bugged him to be distracted when he was on the phone.

Well, she couldn’t touch him, but there was no rule that said she couldn’t touch herself.

She got up from the bed and stretched luxuriantly.  She moved around until she stood in front of him, a languid sway in her hips.  He looked and then stared.   Then with pointed determination, turned away from her, back to his call.

So, he’s going to play hard, eh?  She straddled a ladder back chair opposite him and pressed her breasts firmly against the slats.  She imagined how her breasts would appear to him, nipples puckered and swollen.   How long before he’d notice?   Well, that didn’t take long. He cut his eyes in her direction, and she thrilled to see his Adam’s apple flex up and down.  She could hear whoever it was on the other end repeatedly calling his name to regain his attention.  She smiled.

Andre mouthed for her to stop .  She slowly shook her head side to side, then thrust her hips into the back of the chair.  By the time she pulled back and thrust her hips forward again, he was stuttering into the phone.  She plainly heard the voice ask what was wrong with him.  He apologized, then picked up his thread of the conversation.  But Eula was satisfied to see that he had to struggle to keep his eyes off her.

Eula grasped the slats, and ran her hands up and down, the friction, almost painful to her sensitized nipples.  She sharply inhaled.  Andre’s eyes tracked her hands, his mouth slightly parted, she heard his raspy breathing.  She glanced down at his lap and smiled again in the satisfaction of knowing that she finally had him on alert.

She allowed her hands to fall away from the back of the chair.  She leaned away from the slats and arched her back.  She lightly caressed the skin from her knees to the top of her thigh.  Her hands met in her lap and paused.  She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.  The pounding of her heart beat in perfect rhythm to the growing heaviness and pulse between her thighs.  How long would she be able to play this game?

The room was quiet now except for the sounds of their quiet breathing and the muffled voice on the other end of the phone.  Hearing it increased her excitement, it was almost as if there was another person in the room.  The muskiness of her desire rose and her fingers, as if driven by a will of their own, eased inside.

The audible clatter of the phone hitting the top of the nightstand startled her eyes open.  Andre stood up without speaking, swept her off the chair and almost tossed her on the bed.  Before the bed stopped moving, he had joined her.


“Dre?  Where are you going?”

Andre ignored her question and headed for the shower.  Eula listened to the spray of water and the sounds of him washing away their lovemaking.  She recalled a time when he would’ve asked her to join him.

“Dre?” She tried again when he emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later.

“Hmm?”  an absent-minded response.

“Why don’t we spend the day together?  I’ve got the rest of the day off. ”

“Sorry, I can’t.” Andre’s reply was brusque.

“I thought you were off today too?”

“No, that call was to let me know that I’m needed back at the office.  We’ve got a crisis.”

“Ok-ay.  Well, you don’t have to leave right now, do you?”

He dropped the hands knotting his tie and turned look at her.

“Have you gotten the information I need yet?”

“No.” Eula said as slid her legs over the side of the bed and looked around for her robe.  She felt exposed enough without lying around naked, while he was nearly dressed.  “I thought I made it clear.  I can’t.  Willie would have a fit if he caught me.”

“That’s beside the point.  I need that information.”

“Well, I don’t know what you expect me to do.  It’s too risky.”

“What I expect is for you to do what you do best.  The way you always do.  That’s what I expect.

“Dre.”  She was alarmed by his coldness and harsh tone.

“Look, Eula.”  He grabbed her arms and turned her to face him. “You know I’m under the gun, literally.  Those right-wing fuckers are doing everything they can to turn this election against me.    I need that leverage to push them off me. ”

“But what does Willie have to do with that?”

“Dad knows everything about everybody.  For some reason, he’s been cagey with me on this issue.  I know he’s got something on them, but he won’t tell me.  So, I need you to get it for me.”

“What makes you think I’d be able to find anything helpful?”

“He keeps everything that important to him in a file box locked in the wall safe.  Look, I know it’s risky but you’re the only one who could do it.”

“I’m sorry, Dre.”

He watched her steadily for a moment and the sudden flair in his eyes and the tightening of his lips and fists,  made her think that he wanted to hit her. He drew in a deep, calming breath.   “Fine, Eula.  I understand your position.  But I need you to understand mine.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m going to win this election.  And I’m going to get the information I need.   But if you can’t get it for me, then I’m afraid that you’re of no further use to me.”

“Wh . . . what?”

“You heard me.  You either figure out a way to get into those files and get me the information I need or we’re done.”

Eula stared at him with her mouth slightly open, unable to speak.

“And you know what else?  I might be so filled with remorse about the months I’ve spent fucking my father’s wife, that I might have to confess.  You think perhaps he might forgive me?  I’m thinking that he might.  After all, I’m his only son.  But what about you, Eula?  When I tell him how you threw yourself at me until I had no choice but to give in to you.  He knows I’m a pussy-hound.  But he will expect something different from you.  Do you think he’s going to be able to overlook that you cuckolded him with his own child?”

Eula stared up at him in horror.  Where was the person who had so urgently made love to her, just moments ago.  Who was this man?

“C’mon Eula.”  His tone was almost cajoling.  “There’s no reason it even has to go that far.  Just do what you do.  Use that sweet little ass of yours.  That’s all I’m asking.  C’mon baby.  Do it for me.”

Andre grasped her face and pulled her up for a kiss.  She tried to pull away from him, furious to think he would even consider making love to her again.  He held her tighter to him and she felt his growing erection against her stomach and his excited breath across her face.  She increased her efforts to get away.  She finally snatched away and slapped him full across the face.

The look on his face terrified her.  He returned her slap with a force that knocked her to the floor.  He grabbed her up and ripped off her robe.  She watched him open his pants and reveal his engorged penis.  He shoved her face forward into the wall and thrust violently into her from behind.

When he finished, he pulled out and released her to fall to the floor.  He returned to the bathroom and Eula heard water running.  Minutes later, he returned and shoved his arms into his suit jacket.

She felt him pause to look at her before walking out of the room.

Eula was numb.  No tears.  She had no idea how things had gotten so far out of control.  She’d made a mistake.  And the mistake was allowing herself to believe that Andre was different or even better than some of the other shit she’d dealt with.  She’d actually allowed herself to believe that Andre Pierce cared about her.

Men always felt that they could manipulate her, use her.  Just because she allowed them temporary access to her body, they acted as if she was giving them permission to own her and then throw her away at will, like a used condom.   But Andre had never been that way with her.

She’d known him to be ruthless and cold with others.  She understood that sometimes you needed to be that way to get what you wanted.  That understanding made them feel as if they were kindred spirits.  With Andre, she had never felt the need to be on guard.  He took her over from the first moment they met.  He took one look at her and seemed to look straight to the bottom of her soul.  He saw her and she felt as if she saw him.

But in the end, Andre was just like the others.  It appears that Andre had only shown her what she wanted to see.  But that’s okay.  She pulled herself up until she sat with her back against the wall.  She reached for the tattered remnants of her robe and wrapped the pieces around her.

Andre was going to have to learn, just like the others.  If he thought he would get away with fucking, threatening and blackmailing her?  Well, he had another think coming.

“Score one for team Andre.  But the war is not over yet.”

She smiled.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Eula

  1. Well Eula had a reason to kill Andre for sure. Andre drive for power as I see in this part of the story could hurt Eula are his Father. That’s two good supects already ! I can’t wait until the next part.

  2. It looks too good to be real for Eula to have had him killed. That is just were the focus seem to be. If he was as heartless and ruthless to others, I look forward to other upcoming epidoes similar to this one, I can only imagine how he could be with a man, businesswise. Ain’t no telling how many folks wanted, wished, hoped and desired him dead! And whether or not if his Daddy had a hand in it; his only son? Pussy does have power, its the next powerful thing to God 🙂 Depends on how much Daddy loved Eula……

  3. That Casanova Dre was a piece of work!

    I’m still not convinced that Eula had anything to do with it though. I’m now leaning towards the father, Rasheed, or maybe even Aria. Who knows? Nevertheless I am intrigued. Great storyline. The plot is beautifully woven! **winking**

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