Writing Prompt: Characterization featuring Micah and Ima

I took a much needed break in order to finish a couple writing projects.  I was also overwhelmed by the increased demands placed on the mother of a new middle-schooler.  Dag!  Am I smarter than a 6th grader? I’m celebrating my return to blogging with a response to WRITING PROMPT #59 found in THE WRITER […]

Writing Prompt: Characterization and Empathy

Writing Prompt: Imagine your protagonist looking at childhood pictures of your antagonist.  What details stand out that make your protagonist truly empathize with the other? In my current WIP, my heroine Ima DeCostas is a woman of mystery and dangerous secrets.  Her mistake? Falling for the wrong man. Ima discovers, far too late, that her […]

Understanding Mental Illness for Fiction Writers: Schizophrenia Part II

Welcome back to Part II of our discussion on Schizophrenia.  In Part I, we defined the illness and how a real life person may present in a mental health clinic or hospital.  Today, the discussion will focus on how the illness is presented in film and other works of fiction. One of the great things […]

Writing Prompt: Dialogue and Characterization

Using dialogue only, write a scene between two people having an argument.  Do not allow either character to mention directly what they’re arguing about. “Hey, sweetie.” “Hey.” “Am I going to see you later?” “Sure.” “Well, when?  I was hoping we could check out that new movie.” “Oh, yeah? What time does it start?” “Around […]