Work Smart, Not Hard

Enjoyed a very well-done presentation  today on marketing and self-promotion by Heather Miles this morning at the River City Romance Writers monthly meeting. I’ve been slacking . . . or more precisely, I haven’t given social media the time and attention it deserves. She made me realize I’ve got to step up my game. I can have a social media presence without letting it take time away from finishing my novel, other writing tasks, family and jobs.

Work smart! Not hard.

In addition to being a dynamic presenter, Heather is a published author of erotic and contemporary romance. Check out her newest release: SAYING YES: A Game of Seduction

cd58ec_44f2ab0ff5854089a4336478ae265508Eliza Swift was trained to understand the human sexual condition, but her own life was safe – vanilla. Challenged to explore the world beyond her education, she finds herself in The Ravens Nest an exclusive club where fantasies are lived out and identities are safe. But when the elusive owner wants you for himself, saying no isn’t an option.

Sounds good, right?

Happy writing!

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