Random Thoughts Friday

No matter how independent or self-sustaining we delude ourselves into thinking we are, human beings are social creatures.  We can’t do this thing alone.

Not every person who comes into our lives is meant to stay . . . or so they say.  Some are there for a specific purpose and then keep moving; others for a lifetime.  Is this true?  Or just a way to comfort ourselves when someone disappoints us or breaks our heart?

What if we are all a part of a huge meta-physical quilt, connected by threads?  If we pull one, or release one or cut the other, we are lead down a different path?  This is the scarier thought; to think that at any point, one act or one failure to act could change the fabric of our lives forever, good or bad.  The very idea is paralyzing.

What if the sci-fi geeks have it right?  That we live on alternate planes, alternate universes, lead parallel lives?  Some action or inaction on our part leads us onto another dimension?

True love . . . falling in love . . . love . . . lust.  What is this really about anyway?  If you love someone, does it ever end?  And if it does, was it love?  Or lust?  Is love some random act of the universe, another loose thread?  Surely more than a chemical process.  So . . . what?  We walk outside our homes, trip over a piece of concrete and fall?

Or do we choose love?  How does that work, I mean really?  I can think of at least two people to whom I would prefer NOT to have any emotional attachment to but apparently *pfft* on what I want.  Nonetheless, I’ve made a choice not to engage with these people.  So, my actions are a choice and my emotions are random?

That sucks!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday

  1. Love never begins or ends – it is only a matter of its discovery and loss. It is not a matter of its birth, but it’s recognition; not its death but it’s abandonment.
    We don’t choose love or our emotions, at best we strive to manage them the best we can.

  2. Love as “discovery and loss” . . . wow, I love this idea. Essentially then, love is within us . . . always. The love we gain, lose, the people we choose to bestow that love, is NOT because of the person, but a reflection of our inner selves. . .
    I feel another post coming . . . Thanks, Pat!

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