Hansel and Gretel A-Z

Daily Prompt:

Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

Apples, oranges and chocolate, no more.

Bordering on poverty, the parents figured to eat better with two than four.

Children are expensive, said mom.

Ditch them in the woods, said dad.

Excited by the planned outing,

Family time was always anticipated except that this time,

Gretel and Hansel overheard their parent’s plan.

How could they even think of abandoning them?  Their own flesh and bone?

It was inconceivable.

Just before leaving the cabin, Hansel grabbed a handful of breadcrumbs.

Kudos, said Gretel, admiring her brother’s ingenuity.

Loaded up and confident in their ability to find their way home, Hansel and Gretel  followed their parents into the woods.

Might there have been a moment of regret?  Dad had second thoughts.  Mom was still hungry.

Night fell in the dark woods and the two children slept.  Their parents slipped away.

Oh, how Gretel cried but Hansel comforted her, reminding her of their plan.

Parental perfidy be damned.  They were going home.

Quackish calls announced the arrival of the birds.

Reality bites.  The breadcrumbs were gone.

Saddened, they aimlessly wandered the dark forest.

They nearly gave up when they happened across a cottage made of chocolates, candies and cake.

Under the brush of trees, they ate, unaware that they were no longer alone.  “Who’s that eating my house,” a quivery  voice inquired.

Vanity of youth made them bold, they gave no thought to danger.

Witchery was hungry too and caged the children, enslaved them and starved them, in eager anticipation of boiling and eating them.

Xenobia the witch made one fatal mistake however when she allowed Gretel free of her cage.

Yes, that smart little girl tricked the witch and shoved her into the boiling water instead.

Zestful, the children raided the cabinets, stealing every last diamond, gold and coin and for some unimaginable reason, took it back home and presented it to their ungrateful parents.

The End

11 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel A-Z

  1. This is a terrific twist on the classic tale, loved it! I laughed when you switched the Hansel & Gretel for the G line, that was clever to keep the flow going. Parental perfidy be damned is also my favourite line of the piece and I’m impressed by the name of your witch too – intriguing use of the X letter. A lot of fun.

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