Day 7: the percolator

I read an article recently that described the writing styles of some writers, plotters vs pantsers.  The author introduced a third subtype, the percolator.  This writer takes on the best of plotter and pantsers and makes it her own (when I find that article again I’ll post it).  She takes advantage of the structured  outline but leaves room for the story and/or characters to pull her where they want her to go.  Even when not actively writing, her brain is active and at work problem solving.  So when it’s time to face the blank screen again,   the problem has already worked itself out.

I’m definitely a percolator.

This has been my experience tonight.  I had a plan and then my bad guys amped up the tension to a whole ‘nutha level.  I hadn’t planned it, hadn’t anticipated it but . . . it absolutely WORKS!

Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.  Tune in, same bat channel, same bat station . . .

Today’s word count: 1,560

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