Day 16: Cops

One of my weaknesses in preparing this manuscript, well, weakness might not be the exact word but I need a bit of help with police procedure and cop speak.

I don’t need to be precise,  after all, I’m not writing a true crime biography, but I’d like to have enough of a knowledge base that my details won’t trip up someone who does know the correct procedure.

Hence, an afternoon spent watching “COPS”.  Yep,

bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gon’ do, whatcha gon’ do when dey come for you?

Every piece of advice/expert I’ve ever read says that the CSIs, NCSIs and so on . . . they get it wrong.  I’m not a fan of reality shows for a whole bunch of reasons I need not mention here but I’d planned a mindless Saturday anyway so . . .

COPS is  a reality show, so I’m pretty sure that a lot of what I saw today was staged or at least, edited.  It didn’t really matter though because I was more interested in how the officers related to each other, to the public, to the criminals they arrested.

I got caught up in spite of my skepticism.  Most of the time, the officers on the show never released their weapons.  Mostly because they were master manipulators.  They had nearly every one of their perps confessing before the thirty minute episode was up.  It was like watching “Perry Mason.”

They were at times charming, but detached.  Spaced-out meth head believed they were talking to their best friends.  The matter of fact manner in which they carried out the law seemed to lead folk to conclude that if they just ‘fessed up to everything, the cops would go easier on them or wouldn’t take them to jail, or some such nonsense.  Every now and again, totally  isolated instances, an officer had to be hard-ass with someone but those times were the exception.

I’m not naive to the fact that the producers of the show could not have a group of officers beating the crap out of the general public week after week, so I really wasn’t expecting a balanced picture of what cops have to face day in day out.

But I think I got what I needed.

Today’s word count 1449

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