Day 17: The Story

The evidence continues to pile up against my female protag.  She’s struggling with trying to remain free but is also burdened by guilt that her actions have brought trouble to her family’s doorstep.  My male protag is having doubts about the interpretation of all this ‘evidence’, his gut tells him there’s more to the story.  This thinking man prefers to function on logic, not gut.

This is plot.  I’m just now getting to the point of understanding or recognizing the themes of my novel.  Several people have asked what the story is about and each time I’ve given them a plot synopsis but that’s NOT theme.  Plot is NOT story.

The story is the heart of the piece.  Story is what keeps you reading while supper’s burning, story will keep you up all night even though you have an important project due the following morning.  Story is what lingers in your heart, mind and emotions long after “The End”.

My story is what keeps drawing me back to this laptop night after night, egging me on to the finish.  Not just the 50K NaNo goal but a completed story.  I can’t WAIT to see how it ends!

Today’s word count: 1359

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