Writing Prompt: The Fund Raiser

Writer Prompt #64 — suggested from The Writer Magazine

“Mrs Dalloway said she would get the flowers herself.” How would your character prepare to host a party and behave towards his or her guests? Who would he or she invite and what kind of party would it be? Think visually about every superficial detail of the affair and explore what it reveals about your character.


Ima DeCostas is the heroine/protagonist in my current Work-In-Progress, KAOS.  The following scene does not appear in the manuscript but I’m using these exercises to help me get deeper into her head.   In fact, this  scene takes place before the story opens, certainly well before she meets and falls in love with Micah.  Ima is a political consultant to a Democratic candidate bidding for the Presidency (no, not President Obama!).   Mummy and Daddy issues, and several crazy-assed breakups have molded Ima into the emotionally distant and cunning person she has grown to be.  Men are to be used and manipulated and most certainly, NOT to be trusted.

I like men.  They are . . . generally speaking, quite useful at times.  By some fortunate twist of fate, they seem to like me right back. So I didn’t get all tripped up over the Senator’s request to chat up a potential donor.  It was after all, a fund raising event.

I assessed the CEO of Baylor International, one of the top 25 U.S. Defense contractors.  If Lane Archer endorsed Senator Bennett’s campaign,it would go a long way towards garnering his party’s support as their Presidential candidate.  Up to this point, the man had been rather elusive.  Phone calls had been siphoned off to underlings, arranged luncheons rescheduled at the last minute.  But the tide may be changing; surely his presence at this fund raiser was an indicator that he was now leaning in our favor?

Lane Archer was handsome, in his early to mid forties.  He was fit, the traditional cut of his tuxedo showed off a trim, flat belly to perfection.  His one hundred dollar hair cut framed lightly tanned skin and emphasized intelligent glacier blue eyes.  I drifted past him, my attention seemingly focused on choosing one of several canapés from the buffet table.  But I kept an eye on him in my peripheral vision and caught the briefest flare of admiration from those beautiful blue eyes, as they took in the pull of my royal purple evening gown across my backside. 

Uh-huh . . . Gotcha.

I wouldn’t be closing any deals tonight, I was, after all, just the warm up act.  My goal was simply this: to soften up Lane Archer and get him to think more favorably about Senator Bennett.  If he catches a lingering glimpse of my cleavage or quick press against my backside, well, it was a small thing.  After all Senator Bennett had done for me, it was the least I could do.

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